1. Is it possible to book ceremony music or band music on their own or do I have to book both?

Blush provides ceremony, pre reception, band and DJ music. You can of course choose to book just one of our musical offerings if you wish.

2. If I book Blush Choir, how far in advance should I decide on my song list?

You will need to have your song list finalised before you go to print with your ceremony booklet. We discuss with you the parts of the ceremony you require songs for, plus provide some song recommendations for each part.

3. Am I restricted in song choices from Blush Choir's set list or can I choose some of my own favourite songs?

Our Choir set list is a good guide. We would always accommodate your own song choices as well once we have a couple of weeks’ notice to learn your choice(s).

4. How long does Blush Band play for?

We play for 2.5 to 3 hours. We take a 15 minute break when teas/coffees are served (timing agreed on the evening with the duty manager and your wedding coordinator, usually the best man).

5. Can I choose my own songs for the band set?

Our band set is designed to keep the dance floor full for the evening and cater for all tastes. We would be glad to add a song or two of your choice for you once we have a couple of weeks’ notice to learn.

6. Do we choose our own first dance song?

Yes, this is always a very individual choice. More often than not, we play the first dance on MP3 so you are comfortable with the exact song version you are getting. We can of course play your first dance song live if you wish – again a couple of weeks’ notice for us to learn

7. How do I book Blush?

We recommend that you drop in to one of our showcases (where we showcase our ceremony, pre reception and band music) and chat to us then. Alternatively, if you have heard us perform live in the past, drop us a line through our contact form.

We issue a provisional booking confirmation, subject to deposit, which blocks off your date for 7 days pending receipt of deposit.

8. How do I pay?

When we issue a provisional booking confirmation, we provide bank account details into which you can lodge your deposit (make sure to reference your name on your deposit). On receipt, we issue a full confirmation. The balance is then payable in cash on the day of your wedding.

9. If I book Blush for both ceremony and reception music, are there price packages available?

Yes. Each of our musical offerings are individually priced. If you were to book Blush for both ceremony and reception music we would be happy to put together a package for your day. Please contact Enda to discuss our package options.