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Blush Wedding Music support a YES vote in the Marriage Referendum on the 22nd May. Enda from Blush has been campaigning for weeks in order to ensure that our gay friends, family and colleagues will be treated the exact same way as everybody else.

Enda Morgan of Blush Wedding Music speaks of how his daughter Rachel came out to he and his wife five years ago, and has gone on to be very happy and meet the partner of her dreams. He said Ireland now had to “do right by” its children and give them the right to marry.

“I hope that one day, I will be able to perform a song at my daughter’s wedding”.

Enda Morgan – Newstalk Interview 20th May 2015

Enda Morgan & Family – #HaveOneChat – Same Sex Marriage Referendum Ireland

Enda Morgan – Fine Gael Press Launch – Marriage Referendum Ireland

Enda Morgan – YesEquality Press Launch – Marriage Referendum Ireland

Blush Band & Choir have performed music at many civil partnerships across Ireland, and passionately believe that every citizen of our country deserves access to the constitutional protection and social recognition that comes with marriage in Ireland.