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The following is a set list guide for Blush Band,

The list has been constructed with the twin objectives of keeping your dance floor full and catering for musical tastes across all age groups.
This list constantly evolves and we would gladly add to (or subtract from) as you wish, with a couple of weeks notice for learning new songs:

Older Classics
Country & Irish


The following is a set list guide for Blush Choir.

The following is a song list you can choose from. We do of course accommodate requests for favourite songs not on the list – we just need 2 weeks notice to learn.

The songs are listed with recommended slots for a Catholic ceremony. This slot recommendation is purely a guide and is if course flexible. There are many songs on the list suitable for non Catholic and non religious ceremonies:


If you’re looking for the best wedding band in Ireland, look no further!

Blush Wedding Band Player


Blush Wedding Choir Player